Method of Application

Application for an honors degree at the  Centre for Peace Studies may take various forms.
A candidate needs to collect the CPS Admission Form from the Office of the Registrar or other designated offices worldwide personally or by post. The form may also be downloaded from this website. The filled-out form must be submitted to the office of the Registrar or the point of purchase with the non-refundable processing fee of $50 for undergraduate admission or $100 for postgraduate admission for the form to be processed. Make sure you submit all necessary documents with your form including the following:

(a) Certified True Copies of all Certificates (Academic and/or Professional).
(b) Certified True Copies of Birth Certificate or Sworn Declaration of Age,
(c) In case of Postgraduate Admission, original copies of all academic Transcripts,
(d) Proof of Sponsorship in the forms of letter from a sponsor, in the case of self-sponsored candidates , letter of guarantee from employer or any other document to show the candidates financial ability to cope with the financial needs while on the program,
(e) Attestation/Recommendation Letter from a notable person such as a Clergyman, Imam, employer or the Principal of the candidates’ former School/College.
(f) A Letter of Understanding by the candidate to be of good conduct while on the CPS Program,
(g) Identity Documents such as International Passport, National Identity Card or a letter of identity from the candidate’s local Government of Origin,
(h) Four copies of recently taken Passport Photograph of the Candidate, and
(i) Any other document which in the opinion of the candidate would enhance his/her chance of being admitted.