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Centre for Peace Studies has been at the forefront of developing new ideas about Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Peace keeping, Human Security and Peace building.



The Centre for Peace Studies is an independent, nonviolent social change, nonprofit public organization. It is working with non-violently social change organizations, committed to peace and justice issue.



Promote the quality of Peace education to prevent violence, to strengthen a climate of tolerance and security, and to foster the development of values of peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding as well as...


The Institute is moving into a new and important phase in its history—one of increased impact, visibility, and influence. The Institute recently reorganized its internal structure with an eye toward increasing impact, promoting innovation...

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. S.L. Riyas

Research Scientist,
Charted Economist (USA),
Master Management Consultant,
Chartered HR Project Manager,
Executive Director: Centre for Peace Studies, Sri Lanka,

Prof Riyas
Centre for Peace Studies - Sri Lanka

Centre for Peace Studies has been at the forefront of developing new ideas about Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Peace keeping, Human Security and Peacebuilding. It has developed an international reputation for the practical application of these ideas in war zones and communities driven by conflicts, most notably in and outside Sri Lanka. This has involved working with warring parties, Government agencies, NGOs, regional and international organizations, together with the civilian communities caught up in 3 decade old civil war and conflicts.

CPS was established in the year 2004 in Kalmunai, by Prof Dr S.L.Riyas to promote reconciliation and social harmony among communities living in Sri Lanka. Now, it has reached 25 districts in Sri lanka and around 17 countries like Australia, India, UK, USA, Turkey, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Liberia, UAE, Malaysia, Republic of Benin and Romania. Now, the CPS is promoting reconciliation in the country and promoting volunteerism as a tool for reconciliation worldwide.

Major Areas of Work

The Centre for Peace Studies is Learning, Teaching, Training, and Research and addresses critical needs to understand and address the deep and underlying causes of conflict, to enhance the roles of UN peacekeeping operations as conflict resolution interventions and to work in post conflict situations in order to sustain cultures of peace through peace education and conflict resolution training.

Human Security

Human Rights

Natural Disaster Management

Interfaith Dialog

Gender Equality

International Solidarity Network

Psycho social intervention and counseling

Social and Economic Development

Environmental protection

Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

Our Projects focuses on


Interfaces/inter-communal conflict/Urban conflict

Peace Research

Justice/Human Rights

Civil society development

Community-building and renewal

Conflict resolution


Reconciliation/Conflict transformation

The Clients
Children/Youth/Young Adults

Ex- Combatant/Ex Prisoners

Journalist / Writers

Government/NGOs/Voluntary/community/civil society organizations

Community Leaders



Internal Displaced People/ Minority Groups

War or Disaster victims

Objectives of the Centre
  • Promote goodwill among all the communities.
  • To promote, encourage, assist and foster, activities for the advancement of national unity, inter communal amity, racial and religious harmony, good will and peace amongst people.
  • Provide training, evaluation expertise, and expert advice to government and nongovernmental organizations engaged in peace-building and humanitarian intervention.
  • To conduct research for the purpose of achieving the object of national unity and peace;
  • Offer Diploma, Graduate, Postgraduate programs at Masters and PhD level programs through reputed UGC recognized institutions in Peace Studies.
  • Conduct high-level research on the causes of violent conflict and conditions for sustainable peace globally.
  • To publish educational and informative material and to make documentary and educational films, audio and videos and recordings to encourage national unity and peace;
  • To train persons engaged in activities, which are in furtherance of these objects by conducting seminars, discussions and workshops and train youth in leadership skills,
  • To promote respect for the life and dignity of every human being without discrimination or prejudice.
  • To promote sharing of time and material resources in the spirit of generosity in order to put an end to exclusion, injustice and economic oppression.
  • To provide a platform for civic education.
  • To develop and promote human rights and Peace education programs.
  • To promote responsible consumer behavior and develop practices that respects all forms of life and preserves the balance of nature on the planet.
  • To contribute to community development with the full participation of women and respect for democratic principles.
  • To create awareness about social issues and reflect upon appropriate solutions.
  • To provide teacher training by networking with identified institutions and schools from the public, private, rural and urban sectors.
  • To maintain a database on the human rights education activities it has initiated.
  • To liaise with the government at the Federal and provincial levels.
  • To mobilize support from United Nations agencies, donors and multinational companies.
  • To build and establish Libraries, archives, centers or institutions to preserve and to protect the cultural values and the historical events of all the communities in Sri Lanka and also to protect leading works on the social, economic, Peace and historical development of the people;
  • To safe guard and obtain the Human Rights, for all those harassed, unlawfully assaulted and detained without proper inquiries;
  • To promote activities by way of group discussions dialogues, meeting to monitor and eliminate racial communal discrimination in media reporting;
  • To stop the unnecessary confrontations, settle disputes amicably, and so on. Also eradicate the ethnic conflict, and all other antisocial pursuits
  • The hurdles in the permanent peace should be removed with the assistance of expert and Centre for Peace Studies will pave the path for peace and harmony in this country.
Board of Directors

Executive Director


Prof Dr.S.L.Riyas, MBA , BSc , DBA

Research Scientist, Charted Economist (USA),
Master Management Consultant (USA),
Chartered HR Project Manager (USA),
Executive Director: Centre for Peace Studies, Sri Lanka



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